Published: Sun, October 01, 2017
Research | By Derrick Holloway

Google Assistant is now available on Android TV

Google Assistant is now available on Android TV

It comes loaded with full Google Assistant integration, even on the game controller. On the face of it Google Assistant has the capability of working very tightly with all the apps on Android TV, although at present the list of supported apps is quite minimal. The lineup includes Nexus Player, other TVs with Android OS, and Xiaomi's Mi Box. The Google Assistant is a part of the software update for Android TV. Also, through SmartThings Link, Shield TV will allow its users to control hundreds of smart devices around their home with automated routines and voice control. Starting now, it's also available on Android TV - first on the Nvidia Shield TV console. You'll hear the familiar activation noise and you're ready to command Assistant to do your bidding.

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All the rest of the Assistant features are here, too, including the ability to check your calendar, or to look at your Google Photos collection - and these obviously work perfectly on the TV, where information can be displayed visually. Just accept the Google Assistant system update on your SHIELD and press your remote's mic button after the device restarts.

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The fans were celebrating a 16th-minute goal when the barrier at Amiens' Stade de la Licorne broke. At least 20 people have been injured after a barrier collapsed during a football match in France.

Google Assistant is at last accessible on Android TV. You'll need to grab your phone or have a chat with your Google Home for that. It can also cast audio to the Google Home or other Google Cast speakers and can be used to control media playback.

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"Ask it questions. Tell it to do things". You can ask it to play shows by name, and as long as you're subscribed to the right content providers, the shows will just play. It can play movies, TV shows, YouTube clips, and music. An example of this is Google Assistant is incapable of searching the web so if you ask it to "search for images of..." And once you're caught up, prepare for your own day by asking "what's on my agenda for today?" Likewise neither will searching in most apps using Google Assistant as it will not recognize that you are in an app.

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