Published: Tue, October 03, 2017
Research | By Derrick Holloway

New PlayStation VR Model Announced, Here's What's Changed

New PlayStation VR Model Announced, Here's What's Changed

Sony has revealed an updated version of the PlayStation VR headset, offering HDR passthrough support, integrated headphones. and a slightly tweaked design.

Sony today has announced a new iteration of its PlayStation VR headset which fundamentally still identical to the original model albeit with subtle changes to its design. This means that users will now be able to watch HDR-compatible content via their PS4 on TV without having to disconnect the external Processor Unit between the PS4 and TV.

With the dispatch of another PlayStation VR headset, Sony is evidently hoping to remain applicable and over the virtual reality advertise. For instance, the old one's model number CUH-ZVR1, and the new one is CUH-ZVR2. In the examination, Oculus figured out how to offer 246,900 units (an 11.6% piece of the overall industry), while HTC sold 94,500 headsets (a 4.4% offer).

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Sony has confirmed via its United States blog that the PlayStation VR unit is getting a minor hardware update. The connection cabling for the headphones has also been made slimmer in an effort to reduce the PS VR's over all profile.

While Sony is launching their second PSVR device, Microsoft is getting ready to launch their own raft of 3rd party Windows Mixed Reality headsets, for around the same price as the PSVR, but to the larger market of PC gamers. As it stands, the PSVR headset works with the PS4 Pro, but when you have the PSVR's Processor Box plugged in, you can't use the PS4 Pro's HDR capabilities.

The new unit (named CUH-ZVR2) however does not include any update for the processing unit's power or the capability of the VR hardware. Sony is clearly convinced that its new piece of hardware will only grow in strength and plans to support it with content deals and hardware revisions alike.

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We haven't yet heard a rollout plan date for western territories or those in Australia, though the Sony US blog hints that a North American launch is set for a "later date".

The updated model of the PlayStation VR headset may be relatively minor, but it will still likely help Sony extend its lead over its rivals.

Take a look at the image above and you might notice a few differences.

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