Published: Fri, October 06, 2017
Technology | By Russell Knight

Hill Russia investigators: Committee still searching for 'any hint of collusion'

Hill Russia investigators: Committee still searching for 'any hint of collusion'

The US Senate Intelligence Committee said on Wednesday that the investigation into possible Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election is ongoing and no conclusions regarding possible collusion between the US and Russia have been reached.

He said at least 25 more interviews are scheduled and more work is needed to determine whether the Trump campaign worked with Russian Federation to disrupt the election.

Republican Senator Richard Burr said on Wednesday that Facebook adverts bought by Russia-linked entities targeted more than just MI and Wisconsin - two states that had been named in media reports.

Washington has accused Russian Federation of meddling in the November 8 election, with United States congressional investigators launching a probe into alleged interference.

The social media company was expected to provide the advertisements to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and the Senate Judiciary Committee, which are all investigating Russian election interference.

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The committee generally endorses the intelligence community's conclusions, he said.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials informed the State Board recently that they have no information that any attempted hack of a third-party vendors' election systems affected North Carolina. Doesn't mean we should guard against it or do nothing about it, but to use it as a crutch to explain why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, which what many Democrats are doing, is just absurd.

Richard Burr said in a press conference.

Facebook officials have said that 10 million people saw Russia-linked advertising that sought to sway the US presidential election on the social media platform, and 44 percent of those were seen before the election.

CNN reported earlier this year that US intelligence officials collaborated some aspects of Christopher Steele's findings though not some of the more salacious allegations like the link between Trump and Russian prostitutes.

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Burr said he did not have a timeline on when the investigation will conclude, though he said somewhat wistfully that his "aspirational goal" was still to end by the end of year.

The panel is also in the early stages of reviewing the more than 3,000 Kremlin-linked Facebook ads the social media giant gave investigators earlier in the week and is awaiting further information from Twitter and Google.

Steele was hired last June by the D.C. -based Fusion to investigate Donald Trump's personal and business activities in Russian Federation. They've targeted other elections in Europe and we need to be on guard.

Burr also noted that the intel committee has tried multiple times to get in touch with Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent who authored the piss dossier, but he hasn't gotten back to them.

At an energy development forum in Moscow, hours before the Intelligence Committee announced their findings, Putin said that relations with America had "become hostage to the internal political situation in the U.S".

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Burr said the panel has 25 more witnesses scheduled this month. "In many cases, [the Russians] didn't even take advantage of the most technical targeting tools that exist within those social media companies, so I would defer answering your question until we've completed the investigation".

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