Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
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Josh Gordon Baylor Coach Helped Me Cheat Drug Tests

Josh Gordon Baylor Coach Helped Me Cheat Drug Tests

He recounts the many times he used - and abused - drugs, and talked about how his failed drug tests were covered up by coaches at Baylor, which may be the most shocking yet unsurprising revelation of this entire piece.

In a recent interview with Uninterrupted as he takes a break from in-patient recovery, Gordon discussed the wide range of drugs he has taken throughout his career and some of the help he received along the way.

"I had the desire to get help, invest myself 100 percent into whatever was going to help save my life", Gordon said.

"That was my first experience with getting over on the system and that authority not really being taken seriously, because it was kind of being guided by somebody that's employed by the same university", says Gordon in the film.

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"I'm out of detox drinks".

In May, Gordon's application for reinstatement was denied and he has yet to re-apply. "The only thing I know I have to go off of, is my faith, family and my ability with football". 'Okay, it's a business move. "I definitely wasn't listening". It's a business move.

"I was there for like 14, 15 days". It was pretty much a vacation. His first suspension came in 2014, and he remains suspended indefinitely from the league.

Gordon had 43 catches for 721 yards 7 TDs over two seasons with the Bears. "I didn't wake up until 10 o'clock, 10:15, coming out of a blackout".

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"He's like 'I'm sorry Josh, but you're not going on this plane.' I was watching the plane go off and it was like 'Well f-- it, let's go home, let's party'".

"Not too long after I got arrested for possession of marijuana at Baylor, one of my coaches came by saying, 'You are going to get drug tested by the compliance office", Gordon said.

However, still just 26 years old, Gordon has the talent to make a comeback, he will just need to prove to teams that they can finally trust him off the field.

"And then just something click in my head at that point, it's like 'man, you did it again".

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Gordon has grown to respect National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell despite all the suspensions.

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