Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
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State gets Real ID grace period from feds

State gets Real ID grace period from feds

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf's administration said Tuesday that the state received another deferment from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

That means ME driver's licenses will be accepted for now as valid identification for boarding domestic flights and entrance into certain federal facilities, such as military bases, the US mint and nuclear power plants.

Minnesota and several other states need compliance extensions before the next phase of enforcement begins.

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Equifax is trying to help consumers while also fixing its security systems, he said. Smith said that fix was not applied quickly enough.

Missouri has more time to comply with stricter identification requirements under the Real ID Act.

Find on Facebook. The state's plan to roll out Real ID licenses calls for the new IDs to be available in October 2018 at the earliest, and federal officials did not grant Dayton's request to extend the state's grace period to that month. In that meeting, the governor's office said, federal officials assured Minnesota that "states which continue to make progress with compliance will continue to be granted extensions".

Pennsylvania is getting yet another extension to comply with a federal law that requires driver's licenses meet anti-terrorism standards.

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Minnesota has been hoping that the state's driver's licenses and identification cards would get a pass at least until October of next year, when the state will start issuing licenses that conform to the federal requirements.

That law gives the ME secretary of state's office until July 1, 2019, to meet the requirements of Real ID, according to Kristen Muszynski, a spokeswoman for Dunlap.

Those who wish to purchase a Real ID-compliant license starting in 2019 would be charged a one-time fee in addition to the current driver's license fee.

OnePlus getting hold of personal information
The company, responding to the engineer's allegations, says that the data is collected for analytics and aftersales support. Since those two services are natively part of OnePlus' OxygenOS operating system, meddling with it could have consequences.

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