Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Economy | By Shawn Conner

Teens Get Their Own Amazon Accounts, With Parents' Approval

Teens Get Their Own Amazon Accounts, With Parents' Approval

For the first time, teenagers will be able to independently log into Amazon and shop as long as they are linked to their parent's accounts.

Amazon is now making it easier for the youngest shoppers in a family to purchase items from the world's largest online marketplace. However, teens won't be completely free to do as they please, since parents will be alerted about purchases and will have to approve transactions. "We've listened to families and have built a great experience for both teens and parents", commented Michael Carr, Vice President, Amazon Households. The logic is that these teens will continue to shop through Amazon on their own once they become adults. The parent will need to setup the shipping address and payment method, after which point an invitation is sent back to the teen. Parents will receive a text or email with information about the order and the option to approve. Parents are shown the item, how much it costs, and similar details, as well as any note about it the teen may have made.

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Reflecting how kids use the internet these days, the new shopping system only works through the Amazon mobile app.

Parents can also set pre-approved limits per order, which allows teens to keep purchases under a certain budget.

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What's more, parents can share Prime Video and Twitch Prime with their teens, allowing them to have their own account on these services. Then again, if you'd rather spend that money on cheap fast food you can always cancel your monthly subscription and mooch off your parents' Prime account over summer break.

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