Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
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Woman finds shark found in swimming pool, throws it back into ocean

Woman finds shark found in swimming pool, throws it back into ocean

A viral video showed a woman in Sydney, who is a real estate agent, wrestling a shark out of an ocean swimming pool in New South Wales, Australia, reports said Tuesday.

Mrs Hatheier then calmly threw the shark over the rockwall and into the ocean, while onlookers cheered her on.

A woman's courageous antics went viral after footage showed her picking up a shark, wrestling with and before and throwing it back into the sea. "Hey get some footage of me in the pool". The water was very clear and it was easy to see the shark swimming around. I just thought I would try and catch him.

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"He was getting stressed because he was bumping into the rocks and I was thinking I just need to put him back where he is meant to be". Nonetheless, it's fair to say most of us would lack the same level of poise and would, most likely, freak the F out. So I said, 'I think I can just grab him'.

"I herded him into the shallows, got him between my knees and just lifted him out", Hatheier told the Today Show.

She added: "He wasn't that heavy but his skin was very rough, like sandpaper". "I saw it, it was just a small nurse shark, I told myself that I just had to throw it away", told the Australian ABC.

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"As a real estate agent I'm used to relocating people and this was similar".

While Hatheier was applauded for her bravery, she said she knew Port Jackson sharks are relatively harmless.

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