Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Technology | By Russell Knight

It's easier than ever to watch your digital movies nearly anywhere

It's easier than ever to watch your digital movies nearly anywhere

This service is a collaboration between five major Hollywood studios: The Walt Disney Studios (encompassing Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm), Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Film, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros.

"By setting up MA and setting up an account, and then linking that account to our participating digital retailers, you'll be able to sync your whole purchase movie collection across all of those accounts", said Gilford. The new Movies Anywhere concept seems to have ironed out all of the crinkles of UltraViolet, and is set to take over the world.

"It's simplicity. It's ease of use". What's more, all your movie purchases will cross-pollinate into all your other libraries. It's going to be incredible. Now, with a total of five key studios backing the same idea, it's going to become the norm, not the exception.

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Paramount Pictures, which owns such franchises as Star Trek and Transformers, are not included. Sign up for the free Good Morning Silicon Valley newsletter.

Disney is the one responsible for kicking off this entire project. The movies in question are Sony Pictures' "Ghostbusters" (2016) and Twentieth Century Fox's "Ice Age" upon connecting one retailer, as well as Disney's "Big Hero 6", Universal's "Jason Bourne" and Warner Bros.' "The LEGO Movie" after connecting a second.

At the time of writing this article, the Movies Anywhere website is still showing a coming soon message and the Play Store listing of the application isn't live yet either. Titles will be streamed - but they can be downloaded for offline viewing. "We would like to add more retailers, launch on more platforms". "We may share information collected from or about you with carefully selected companies, including advertisers, content licensors, distributors, and other companies that are not affiliated with us", the policy reads. According to a report from the Verge, Movies Anywhere can collect all those titles in one place because it's built off of the same digital rights system architecture (called Keychest) that Disney first developed for its service Disney Movies Anywhere.

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If all this sounds interesting, then you should also know that Movies Anywhere has a hot promo for you.

What do you think of this news? The Movies Anywhere app is clearly meant to be the place that consumers go to first on their devices in order to get maximum selection - but if people are continually dropping out into another app to make purchase, you end up with the same kind of fragmented experience consumers have already grown exhausted of.

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