Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Research | By Derrick Holloway

Microsoft launches Microsoft Edge for iOS/Android and Microsoft Launcher for Android previews

We think it's the most lovely (based on Fluent design), customizable, powerful launcher available. For now, though, perhaps the coolest part of the Edge preview is the ability to send a page you're viewing on mobile to PC, which is accomplished by tapping the continue on PC button you see in the middle of the navigation bar in-app. And lastly, in order to install the app on you iOS device, you'll need to link your phone to your PC via a somewhat convoluted process involving your Microsoft account, your phone number, and at least one app install. We think it's the most handsome (based on Fluent design), customizable, powerful launcher available.

If you're using the Microsoft Launcher as your default, the app also offers free daily wallpapers from, you guessed it, Bing.

Microsoft has quietly sprung a pleasant surprise by releasing a new launcher for Android.

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Now, Microsoft is making a move to let Windows 10 users benefit from some of that convenience with the beta release of the Microsoft Edge browser for iPhone and Android.

While not available as of yet, the Microsoft Edge for Android preview will also be available soon.

What do you think of the new name? It's literally the flawless browser for Windows 10 users who already use Microsoft Edge on their PC, but for the rest of us, it still has a long way to go - both on the phone and the desktop.

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Microsoft has traditionally made it a little hard for users to switch default browsers, potentially warranting this campaign. So, the company is extending the browser to the Android and iOS platforms in Preview (Beta) form. Besides Windows 10, Edge is also available on Windows 10 Mobile and the Xbox One console. Arrow Launcher has high marks in the Play Store and we rated it one of the better launchers available past year. After all, the message from CEO Satya Nadella is about bringing work tools to as many platforms as possible.

As for the launcher, it's worth noting that it's actually a quite capable Android launcher that nicely integrates with all of the Google apps you probably use every day (calendar, Gmail, etc.). Microsoft introduced its "Continuum" with its Nokia 950 back in the day and they want to bring in something similar to this launcher - a concept that is alien to a launcher where certain supported files can be projected onto the PC from the phone via a launcher!

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