Published: Sat, October 21, 2017
Global | By Shelia Dennis

Texas men arrested in shooting after Richard Spencer event

Texas men arrested in shooting after Richard Spencer event

Tenbrink, who police said had the gun, is a convicted felon. At least two of the three suspects are connected to extremist groups, according to police.

"It's always been socially acceptable to punch a Nazi, to attack people if they have right-wing political leanings", Fears told the paper.

The men threatened protesters, offered Nazi salutes and shouted chants about Hitler to the group near a bus stop, police said.

The Gainesville Police Department said the three men were arguing with another group when the shot was sacked.

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The vehicle drove about 10 feet and stopped.

The Fears siblings are being held under $1 million bond and Tenbrink is under a $3 million bond, police said.Hundreds of dissenters had accumulated outside of the University of Florida on Thursday to challenge Spencer's appearance.

Detectives said Tenbrink "willfully and willingly fired a deadly weapon" with the "intent to kill", according to his arrest report. It missed them and struck a nearby building. The men then fled the scene in their Jeep, the police reports said.

The shooting came after Richard Spencer, a white nationalist who advocates turning the United States into a a Caucasian-only ethnostate, ended a speaking event Thursday afternoon after protesters drowned out most of his speech by buying up tickets and yelling Florida Gators football chants. There were no reported injuries.

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Tyler Tenbrink, 28, William Fears, 30, and Colt Fears, 28, had driven from Texas to Gainesville, Florida, for Spencer's speech at the Phillips Center.

"I do wonder what would happen when as some have suggested the best response would be if no one showed up at all". "They threw the first blow so I'm going to take his side", Fears said to the Sun. Violence like this has nearly become synonymous with alt-right speeches, but if you saw this interview with William Fears shortly before the shooting, you probably wouldn't guess he would be the one to make it all boil over.

Because of the amount of law enforcement already at the Spencer event, police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were able to quickly identify the vehicle.

Before Spencer's speech, the Sun had spoken to Tenbrink and the Fearses. An off-duty deputy with the Alachua County Sheriff's Office who was heading home after the event located the suspects' vehicle shortly before 9 p.m. about 20 miles north of Gainesville, according to authorities.

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Though the Richard Spencer event managed to go by with minimal violence, a shooting at a bus stop following the speech led to the arrest of three men from Texas.

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