Published: Tue, November 07, 2017
Technology | By Russell Knight

IPhone bug frustrates users typing 'i'

IPhone bug frustrates users typing 'i'

The bug centers around the iOS predictive keyboard, with a lot of users seeing predictive text autocorrecting "I" inputs to "A [?]".

Many users have reported to Apple support on Twitter, one user says, "After upgrading to iOS 11.1 my battery drains very fast".

In a blog post, Apple has acknowledged a problem with the autocorrect feature in iOS 11.1 that is replacing the letter "i" with an "A" accompanied by a symbol. Not all users have been affected by the bug though.

Apple has acknowledged the bug and they are reportedly working on an update to fix the error.

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The bug replaces the letter "i" with an invisible character called Variation Selector 16, which is a code typically used to merge two characters together into an emoji, according to The Telegraph.

In the Shortcut field, type the lowercase "i" character.

The predictive text issue has been spotted in iMessage, Instagram, Twitter and other apps, but it does not seem to be affecting everyone who is running iOS 11.1. It happens when typing the letter "i".

"I had to turn off my auto correct which is super annoying", wrote another iPhone user on Apple's discussion forum.

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It's not totally clear what's causing it. Just go to the Settings menu on your iOS device, then tap General, and tap Keyboard.

However, a solution is soon hoped to be released by Apple, whether it would be in the form of a new update or some feature, time would tell!

These fixes aren't ideal but they'll do the trick until Apple issues an update to A [?] OS 11.1. Given the frequency with which people type the letter "i", this is understandably upsetting many customers.

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