Published: Tue, November 07, 2017
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Is Diddy taking P with new name?

Is Diddy taking P with new name?

During an appearance on Khloe Kardashians short-lived chat show Kocktails with Khloe, he explained: “I met with him and I was so inspired.

Diddy LOVE is celebrating with his gf, Cassie. Expect this name change to lead to a new album or major business announcement. Love is a term of endearment. If he doesn't walk away, he'll pretend he doesn't hear you. Has he forgotten his own mental anguish? After that, he used "P.Diddy" as his professional name and more recently hes gone with the nickname "Diddy". He told MTV he needed a fresh start. "Nobody knew what to call me".

Somehow we think the two won't get confused. I was made right there, because of the timing. No, not your brother. I invented and perfected Brother Love. Just Love. BRO, IT'S ME.

My new name is LOVE aka Brother Love. It is a password with medium security.

Israel finds bodies of five Gaza militants killed in tunnel demolition
Israeli officials said the bodies should be used to bargain with Hamas over the citizens and soldiers' bodies that Hamas is holding.

It seems the changing of seasons brings a changing of names for one Grammy-winning artist.

Born in 1969, the son of a teaching assistant and murdered father was at birth named the unremarkable Sean John Combs.

Brother Love already exists.

Then there's Prichard's oddly threatening end to his tweet: "Remember North Carolina", which remains unanswered. "I invented and perfected Brother Love", he posted online.

Paradise Papers: Apple shifted billions to Jersey after tax row
But Apple did not sever its Irish connection, which was established by Steve Jobs in 1980 to build Apple's first European base. At the time a spokesman for the firm said: "Apple follows the law and pays all of the taxes we owe wherever we operate".

The rapper, producer and media mogul formerly known as Sean Combs, or Puff Daddy, or P. Diddy or just Diddy, now apparently wants to be known as Love. Maybe it's because he's lost all originality. I am the original and you are not. Chalk this up to intoxication or heat stroke.

It's time to embrace the Love.

My Brother, nobody is feeling the Love.

Major ISPs reportedly down in much of the US
According to DownDetector .com, those outages are hitting Denver, Portland, Chicago, Seattle, New York, San Francisco and more. Spectrum, AT&T, and Verizon customers are also reporting internet troubles, though in lower volumes .

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