Published: Wed, November 08, 2017
Research | By Derrick Holloway

Amazon Debuts Fire TV Stick With No Alexa In 100 New Markets

The main difference is that the United States version comes with an Alexa remote that can take voice commands, while the Basic Edition has, well, a basic remote. You can choose from among the following: English, Italian, French, German, Brazilian, Spanish, or Portuguese. The Fire TV Stick Basic Edition is capable of outputting at 720p and 1080p resolution at frame rates up to 60 fps, so no 4K here. This media streaming player will be available in over a 100 countries worldwide where Amazon launched its Amazon Prime Video service previous year. The device sports a quad-core processor and 1 GB of memory and 8 GB of storage for apps and games.

Today, Amazon has announced a new "basic" edition of its popular Fire TV Stick, which it will ship to 100 markets around the world starting tomorrow. Bluetooth 4.1 is also supported to connect the included remote.

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From what I could gather, the Basic Edition doesn't exist to replace 2016's Fire TV Stick, but as an option for the rest of the world. Although no information was given on the operating system, Android Police speculates that it may be running Fire OS 5.

One quick look at the list of specifications and it becomes clear that we've seen this Fire TV Stick before. Previously, Prime Video was limited to smartphones, tablets, the web and smart TVs, but now customers can plug this HDMI dongle into any TV and start streaming. The Amazon Fire TV Stick "Basic Edition" has been released, and removes one of the best features of getting a Fire TV Stick.

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Alternatively, Amazon might be so focused on its main Australian launch plan that the Fire TV Basic is just a distraction. Another thing to point out here is that Amazon is advertising the Basic Edition as having a $49.99 price tag, but its pricing may still vary depending on the customer's location.

All in all, we're left scratching our heads over what exactly is new about the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition.

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