Published: Wed, November 08, 2017
Research | By Derrick Holloway

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is an all-electric supercar concept

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is an all-electric supercar concept

The concept vehicle wears its Lambo DNA on its sleeve, with a sharp and swooping angular design that looks like the love child of a Le Mans Prototype auto and a stealth bomber that's been sent back in time; Terzo Millennio does translate into "the third millennium" after all. Together MIT and Lamborghini have developed supercapacitors for power.

Part of the Terzo Millennio's goal is development of new lightweight materials, as the car's carbon fibre body secondarily acts as "an accumulator for energy storage" which means the entire bodyshell of the Lambo is actually a storage system.

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The auto is important as it signifies that Lamborghini is committed to an electric future. At this year's Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali told journalists that the company's electric future may still be a while away. These include innovative materials, energy storage systems, propulsion system, emotion and visionary design.

The Terzo Millennio is a vision of what could be.

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This specific supercar was designed in partnership with the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the best engineering institution in the world. It's just a concept for now, but we're delighted to see Lamborghini once again at the fore of technology and taking an interest not only in its future but also that of the sports vehicle itself. The design is brutally purposeful, similar in a way to the Aston Martin Valkyrie where non-essential space isn't covered up with body panels, but rather exposed. The Terzo Millenio is fitted with electric motors in each wheel, something that increases the unsprung weight and may present handling challenges, but Lamborghini is also committed to making lighter electric motors and lighter wheels, which could minimize these issues.

The Terzo Millennio is Lambo's first exploration into the use of high-voltage supercapacitors to store the energy needed to drive an electric vehicle. But unlike current battery technology, these elements would function more like a hybrid between that technology and supercapacitors, which can store and discharge energy much more quickly. Naturally Lamborghini and MIT are developing an answer here, too - let the carbonfibre "heal" itself. A highly advanced monocoque based on Lamborghini's Forged Composite technology can be modelled, containing only the energy accumulation system and driver's and co-driver's seats, inspired by race cars. Much like self-healing paint on some Infiniti models, the resin, which forms the glue holding the carbonfibre together, will detect and fix cracks in the material substructure, eliminating the risk of a structural crack then forming from it.

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In other word's, the car's own body is the battery, which in theory sounds somewhat risky.

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