Published: Thu, November 09, 2017
Global | By Shelia Dennis

Former US President Obama reports for jury selection in Chicago

Former US President Obama reports for jury selection in Chicago

But the former president isn't the first high-profile person to appear for jury duty in Chicago.

Barack Obama spent eight years as leader of the free world, but his jury duty stint didn't last more than two hours on Wednesday.

The former President arrived at Chicago's Daley Center alongside his Secret Service detail shortly thereafter.

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"Look at this. Did you know I was coming?" he asked one man who held a copy of Obama's Dreams From My Father. Presumably, just like the rest of us called to jury duty in Cook County, the former president was paid $17.20 for his day of service.

As local media reported that Obama left his house in the Kenwood neighbourhood on the Chicago's South Side to report for jury duty Wednesday, other prospective jurors took photographs of their summonses to prove they too have been called.

"The Former president was here at our invitation", Evans said.

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Obama's presence in Chicago's downtown county courthouse prompted extra security measures that meant delays and snaking lines to get through the building's entrance screening.

Obama - wearing a dark sport coat, dress shirt, but without a tie - waved to people who gathered outside after hearing reports that he would be reporting for jury duty.

Before leaving, Obama shook hands and signed autographs for potential jurors, according to USA Today. "If the former president can come, anyone can come", he continued.

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Obama was briefly selected for a jury panel but was sent home after 12 p.m. when Circuit Court Judge Tim Evans dismissed the group. In 2015, former President George W. Bush answered the jury duty call in Dallas.

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