Published: Thu, November 09, 2017
Technology | By Russell Knight

Free Xbox One X app shows off fancy 4K, HDR

Free Xbox One X app shows off fancy 4K, HDR

Players can pick up the World of Tanks X Edition Starter Kit for free in the Microsoft Store.

Yes, it's still an Xbox One at heart, and it'll work with the same games and peripherals as the original Xbox One and last year's 4K-upscaling Xbox One S.

The Xbox One X is described by Microsoft as the most powerful console of our time and deliberately marketed as a premium product. Microsoft also canceled another big title Scalebound, that was being developed by Platinum Games.Earlier this year Spencer said that the cancelation of these titles were a tough call, but that it would ultimately give Microsoft the ability and opportunity to "do some new and interesting things".

New CCTV Video Release in Sherri Papini's Kidnapping Case
Moments later, she is caught again in the camera running back in the direction she came, towards Interstate 5 (I-5). Her husband reported her missing after he realized she never picked up their young children from daycare.

Do you think 1TB of storage on the Xbox One X will be enough for the majority, or do you see most customers look for external hard drives at some point?

During the night Liam Payne and Caleb McLaughlin joined other gamers on Xbox Live Sessions, Microsoft's interacting gaming channel on their recently acquired Mixer Xbox Channel where they played Minecraft and Forza Motorsport 7.

But nearly everything else about the console is exactly the same as its much more affordable counterpart, the Xbox One S, which also rings in at half the price: $250.

Stop Using Antibiotics in Healthy Animals, WHO Urges Farmers
According to these, antibiotics must not be used just to make animals grow faster, or to keep healthy animals from getting sick. Global health body says food animal industry must stop using antibiotics for growth promotion.

Looked like an incredible night indeed, the Xbox One X is already receiving rave reviews from critics as far as delivering in the 4K gaming department.

Retailer GameStop sold almost all of its Xbox One X stock on launch day, November 7, the store has announced, according to The Wall Street Journal.

New study on sheep may help research on brain disorders
In follow-up experiments, the authors of the new study had the sheep once again chose between images of celebrities or strangers. Morton said that future neurological research, using sheep as model organisms, could build from this study.

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