Published: Thu, November 09, 2017
Economy | By Shawn Conner

Ranch-lovers can now buy dressing in a keg

Ranch-lovers can now buy dressing in a keg

Preloaded with what they consider "a year's worth" of the creamy sauce, it's the ideal gift for the person in your life who puts ranch on literally everything.

The company will begin selling its Hidden Valley mini ranch kegs for the holiday season.

Skyrim PlayStation VR bundle announced
The whole bundle is considered to be a pretty good deal since the standalone VR headset is $299.99 on the PlayStation site . You can choose how you move within the game world, choosing between full locomotion or teleportation for the movement .

Hidden Valley has announced a line of holiday gifts. Plus, the keg's special coating meets FDA regulations, keeping everything fresh. It's now available for pre-order and will ship on December 11.

"The stackable mini keg is 9.7" high with a diameter of 6.3" and holds ... drum roll ...

New York Times Joins Disney Movie Boycott Over LA Times Blackout
If Disney wants to be considered in awards consideration, they will have to act fast to get these critics groups on their side. Times' full statement on the matter can be read below. "We look forward to reporting on Disney well into the future".

Hidden Valley ranch fans don't have to rely on buying bottles to stock up on their favorite sauce - now they can just buy a keg.

Ranch lovers can also consider the ranch fountain as a conversation piece at your holiday party.

Initial Call of Duty: WWII Sales Figures Revealed
But publisher Activision has now revealed some numbers that highlight exactly how well the World War 2-set shooter is performing. For example, the game's loot box system has now been reworked so that players can open the crates in public. has the keg available for pre-order for $50 on its website.

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