Published: Fri, November 10, 2017
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Boyfriend of Reporter Killed On Air Wins Virginia House Seat

Boyfriend of Reporter Killed On Air Wins Virginia House Seat

A former Virginia television news anchor whose reporter girlfriend was shot and killed during a broadcast two years ago won election to the state's House of Delegates Tuesday.

After the shooting, Hurst became the public face of the grieving Roanoke station, bringing national attention and a large social media following.

"I know that Allison is smiling and she's with us and enjoying every minute of this", Alison's father, Andy Parker, told WDBJ. "We had just moved in together, we were blissfully in love and we were ready to begin our new life", Hurst wrote in the Daily Beast.

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"Alison and I were interested in so many subjects that impacted Virginia families during our time in journalism, that to say that I would be reduced to only one issue that I would care about is incorrect", Hurst said. "I think we do that by realizing this is a public health crisis because more people in the commonwealth die from gun violence than in vehicle crashes", Hurst wrote on the campaign website.

Hurst told The Guardian he was interested in things like temporary restrictions on gun ownership and narrow policies to curb the risk of violence among those most likely to commit violence. "My career in news was fulfilling but instead of asking questions, I became focused on finding solutions".

Shortly after the tragedy, Hurst vowed to honor her memory by covering issues of gun violence and mental illness.

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In regard to gun violence, he told The Guardian in February that he wanted to "cut out the BS when it comes to gun violence prevention".

"Every single idea that could possibly address and reduce the number of people dying from gun homicide, suicide and accidental fire deaths, I think, is finally on the table", he said.

Chris Hurst defeated Republican incumbent Joseph Yost in the big-spending race. During his victory speech on Tuesday night, he thanked his opponent and emphasized that he would work for everyone, even those who didn't vote for him.

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Parker's parents were "thrilled" to be a part of the cheering crowd and to watch Hurst accomplish his goal.

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