Published: Sun, November 12, 2017
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Portia de Rossi Claims Steven Seagal Exposed Himself During an Audition

Portia de Rossi Claims Steven Seagal Exposed Himself During an Audition

Earlier this month, Margulies said on the SiriusXM Just Jenny show that she was asked to Seagal's hotel room when she was 23.

Many have probably heard Jenny McCarthy's sexual harassment claim against Steven Seagal; it's something she divulged in an interview with Movieline in 1998.

The executive was reportedly a young actress at the time and said Seagal lured her into his trailer for a "costume change" and later propositioned her over the phone, saying, "You are not comfortable sitting on my face for an hour?"

LaRue, who was 22 at the time, said she voiced her concern when an agent arranged an audition for her at Seagal's home.

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"So I stand across from (Seagal) and he plops onto a sofa that's near a fireplace", McCarthy recalled. And he points at the sofa cushion next to him, saying to me, 'Take a seat.

"It's a long story.but I never was raped, and I never was harmed, and I don't know how I got out of that hotel room", Margulies said. "And I have so much energy I need to stand'".

Actor Eva LaRue, who starred in "All My Children" and "CSI: Miami", accused Steven Seagal of sexual harassing her during an audition.

"Seagal began to recount his experiences on combat missions before telling McCarthy, "'You know, this part has nudity in it.

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She said the actor told her there was nudity in the part and that he couldn't tell what her body looked like in the oversized dress she was wearing.

"I go to sit on the couch and he comes towards me and he's opening his weirdo kimono". "Activate all defense systems, '" she said. I'm just really excited to read for this part. Later, Seagal appeared and told her to follow him to another room where she would be given the script. My agent says there's no nudity. "He just smirked and said, 'It's OK, I like nice girls, too, '" she said.

Now an exec in the business, the alleged victim, has come forward to claim she was propositioned by the actor.

"A lot of people know this story", McCarthy acknowledged before recalling how she read for Seagal during an audition for "Under Siege 2". As she reached her auto, Seagal had followed her, and allegedly warned her not to tell anyone of their encounter "or else". She said Seagal never touched her. "And then the casting director said, 'I think she's ideal for the role'". "How many girls had to do more?" "How many girls had to do more?"

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