Published: Wed, November 15, 2017
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Jinder Mahal Confirmed, Kevin Owens Pulled, More

Jinder Mahal Confirmed, Kevin Owens Pulled, More

Earlier today, WWE announced that the company has chose to cancel the December 8th, 2017 show at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in New Delhi, India. "It will be Modern Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal, the former WWE champion against the King of Kings, The Game, The Cerebral Assassin", Triple H said. Let me hear your voice and if it is loud enough then I'll return to New Delhi on December 9 and I will step into that ring to compete. You could say they're doing this more for the boost in India, but it feels like they're trying to make it up to Jinder.

Xbox One S drops to its lowest ever price for Black Friday
Get the Yoga 720 for $729.99, the Legion Y520 for $749.99, and the Yoga 910 Star Wars Glass for only $999.99 on Lenovo's website . Gamers will also enjoy up to 65% off Xbox One games gold members get an extra 10%, Xbox 360 games movies and tv shows.

The Game took The Big Dog's spot in The Shield during several WWE live events across the company's European tour despite the fact he had quite an intense feud with Shield member Seth Rollins at WrestleMania a couple of months prior. If a recent social media post by Triple H is any indication, that won't be happening. India has a very enthusiastic wrestling fanbase and WWE wants to capitalize on the big market. Some fans think this is a sign that AJ Styles might still be the WWE Champion. For people thinking that it may be new WWE Champion AJ Styles, he hasn't been advertised for the India shows, so it seems unlikely at this point. It's easy to see why WWE would make an exception. I'm hoping the match gets televised since Mahal vs. It's a nice treat for the fans in India to see a legend like Triple H in action.

Mask fools Apple iPhone X's Face ID
The company may have purposefully done a poor job setting up Face ID so it was easier to trick, which would discredit the results. Apple claims that the FaceID is foolproof and can't be hacked using a two-dimensional picture of the user to unlock the phone.

Turnbull cops a battering over same-sex marriage
Barring any unforeseen mishap, the survey results will be published on by the ABS on 15 November 2017 . That would give the Senate time to debate the bill before it goes to the House of Representatives.

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