Published: Wed, November 15, 2017
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Patidar student leaders in MSU lend support to Hardik

Patidar student leaders in MSU lend support to Hardik

On November 4, the Patidar leader had predicted that BJP may release a video to defame him. The video shows a man resembling the young leader of the Patel agitation and a woman in a compromising situation in a hotel room.

Though no media where the video is being circulated claims authenticity of the clip, it became viral soon. The Patels or Patidars for decades backed the BJP, but have been rallied by Hardik Patel against the party; he says it has failed to extend the benefits of affirmative action policies to the powerful Patels who say that like backward castes, they must get a share of government jobs and seats in educational colleges.

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Hardik Patel a week ago warned that the BJP would employ a "sex CD" to discredit him. Hardik has blamed the BJP for leaking the tape. "The BJP has nothing to do with the sex CD". Hardik is expected to join forces with the opposition party Congress ahead of the upcoming polls in the state of Gujarat, where the Patidar leader is expected to be the difference maker. I m with you.

Reacting to the video which has gone viral, BJP leader, Prakash Javadekar said, "This is violation of the right to privacy". Hardik has played a pivotal role in the Patel quota agitation across the state of Gujarat. "Similarly, the BJP can not buy or scare Hardik", Mr Gohil had said. The uploading of the CD was an attack on the personal life of Hardik Patel.

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Hardik Patel, after going through various documents related to reservation given by the Congress, claimed that it was a misconception that reservation can not go beyond 50 per cent.

"I held a detailed discussion with core PAAS members about the options given to us by Congress. It is a misconception that reservation can not go beyond 50 per cent", Hardik said. But, another judgement had said reservation beyond that limit can be granted by conducting a survey. "I don't have issue if you malign me but with this video Gujarat's women are being insulted".

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