Published: Thu, November 16, 2017
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Yemen's civilians pay price of Saudi-led blockade

Yemen's civilians pay price of Saudi-led blockade

The Saudi-led coalition has said it will keep Hodeidah port closed until a United Nations verification programme is reviewed to ensure no weapons reach the Houthis.

The announcement from the Saudi mission at the United Nations came after the coalition fighting Yemen's rebels, known as Houthis, faced widespread global criticism over the closure, with the U.N. and over 20 aid groups saying it could bring millions of already suffering people closer to "starvation and death". The move came after Saudi Arabia intercepted a missile fired towards Riyadh, which it blamed on Tehran.

A Yemenia airlines official said a flight took off from Cairo and landed in Aden on Tuesday before returning to the Egyptian capital. The three-year-long conflict has resulted in an estimated 10,000 people being killed.

"There is no embargo", Ambassador Abdallah Al-Mouallimi said.

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"This halted the only flights at Sanaa airport - those of the United Nations and other worldwide organisations delivering humanitarian assistance", the rebel-run General Authority for Civil Aviation said.

Muprhy " s speech coincided with the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly voting on Monday for a resolution declaring that U.S. military assistance to Saudi Arabia in its war in Yemen is not authorized under previous legislation which has given the president power to combat terror overseas and invade Iraq in 2003.

Jamie McGoldrick, the head of the UN's aid mission in Yemen, criticised the Saudis, saying such measures would take too long to implement and cause needless deaths. "The runway, taxiway, ramp, terminal and air traffic control tower were not hit and are in good condition". However, Saudi Arabia demanded more rigorous checks at the Red Sea port of Hodeida, which is being controlled by the rebels. The coalition closed all Yemen air, land and seaports last week in response to a rebel ballistic missile attack on Riyadh.

Skoog said he was "distraught" but did not indicate whether Sweden, a non-permanent council member, will seek another emergency council meeting on the aid blockade.

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United Nations call to allow aid into Yemen has been ignored by the Saudi Arabia regime.

Aden, on the south coast of Aden, is the stronghold of the internationally recognised, Saudi-backed government of President Abdrabu Mansur Hadi.

Last week, Saudi Arabia claimed their regime was reopening the Hodeideh Port to resume humanitarian aid deliveries; however, this was short-lived and no aid was delivered to country. And landing aid there would also involve having to cross front lines to deliver it.

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