Published: Sun, December 03, 2017
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'Jak and Daxter PS2 Classics' (PS4) Launches Next Week - Screens & Trailer

'Jak and Daxter PS2 Classics' (PS4) Launches Next Week - Screens & Trailer

Well, you're in luck, because Sony has announced when they're bringing the rest of the Jak and Daxter series to PS4.

These three classics will be joining Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, the first game in the franchise and one that is already available for download via the PlayStation Store. The day has almost arrived, as three of the promised Jak and Daxter games are set to launch on the PlayStation Store next week.

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Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X leap onto the PS4 on December 6. These games can be purchased for $15 individually or together as a bundle for $40. All of them will be up-rendered to 1080p on the PS4 and include Trophies, performance enhancements and more.

So now is a ideal time for fans that played the originals, and for new gamers who never touched a Jak and Daxter game to explore one (or three) of Naughty Dog's older titles. Jak II, Jak 3, Jak X: Combat Racing, and the Legacy Dashboard Theme hit PS4 on December 6. Naughty Dog would go on to create the Uncharted and The Last of Us franchises.

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For a little dose of PlayStation 2 nostalgia, Sony and Truant Pixel are releasing a new "Legacy" theme for PlayStation 4 that evokes fond memories of its best-selling console.

The PlayStation 2 Legacy Dashboard Theme will be $2.99 and be available in North America and Europe. You can check out a brief trailer for the Jak and Daxter re-releases, below.

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