Published: Wed, December 06, 2017
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Star Trek: Quentin Tarantino has pitched idea for new film

Star Trek: Quentin Tarantino has pitched idea for new film

Master filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is working on an upcoming "Star Trek" movie with director J.J. Abrams, according to multiple reports. He has a great idea and to implement it he wants, along with the Studio Paramount.

In television, he experimented on a couple of episodes of the show CSI and one episode of ER, but always as small side projects. Would a Star Trek project really be his tenth and final film?

Tarantino is now prepping a movie about Charles Manson, which he had begun work on before the cult leader died in November this year. raises $12 million from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others
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Tarantino is a longtime Trek fan and has spoken before about his ideas for the franchise.

What comes to mind when you think of Quentin Tarantino?

Paramount's last Star Trek feature was 2016's Star Trek Beyond, and a fourth film is being planned with the same cast. "I would be more inclined to do a Star Trek kind of thing rather than Star Wars". Star Trek reboot director J.J. Abrams will be producing the film. " He mentioned two episodes in particular: 1967's "The City on the Edge of Forever" from the classic series, and the 1990 Next Generation episode, "Yesterday's Enterprise". While Tarantino is considered to be one of America's greatest living directors, he's also known for making crass, adult-rated movies with an enthusiastic dose of gory violence and racial epithets.

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JJ Abrams is now in the midst of preparing what will be the final chapter in Disney's new Star Wars trilogy, Episode IX. Tarantino's next confirmed film at Sony is already generating buzz for existing due to shock value.

But Beyond - the 13th film in the series that started with 1979's Star Trek: The Motion Picture - disappointed at the worldwide box office and sequel talk has been quiet until now.

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