Published: Wed, December 06, 2017
Economy | By Shawn Conner

YouTube says over 10000 workers will help curb shady videos

YouTube says over 10000 workers will help curb shady videos

YouTube will boast more than 10,000 staff whose job is to track down extremist, violent and predatory content on the site, Google has announced.

In a blog post yesterday clearly attempting to address these concerns, Youtube's chief executive Susan Wojcicki (pictured top) said the platform was "taking actions to protect advertisers and creators from inappropriate content". Adidas has said the situation is "completely unacceptable" while Mars, along with other companies, has pulled advertising until safeguards are in place.

YouTube last week updated its recommendation feature to spotlight videos users are likely to find the most gratifying, brushing aside concerns that such an approach can trap people in bubbles of misinformation and like-minded opinions. YouTube said Monday that it is also taking steps to try to reassure advertisers that their ads won't run next to gross videos.

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At the moment, creators need at least 10,000 views to be able to earn ad money, but it sounds like the platform will also expand its team of reviewers to vet channels and videos and "ensure ads are only running where they should".

The addition of more crew to the reviewing panel will help YouTube to provide more data for supply, and improve its machine learning software.

In a blog post, Ms Wojcicki explained: "Human reviewers remain essential to both removing content and training machine learning systems because human judgment is critical to making contextualised decisions on content".

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She said this in turn was helping to train its machine learning technology to identify similar videos in the future.

Not only does this involve boosting its terror tosspot and extremist ingrate spotting team, but it will also see Google put its machine learning prowess into further action to help the humans sniff out violent videos.

As for speed of removal, incoming technology will allow YouTube to take down almost 70% of violent extremist content within eight hours of upload and almost half of it in two hours.

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YouTube has weathered a constant stream of negative press in 2017 for the role it has unwittingly played in the spread of misinformation, hate speech, and other content which could be harmful to children.

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