Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
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After new lawsuit, Weinstein renews denials

After new lawsuit, Weinstein renews denials

Lena Dunham was an avid advocate of Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign but says she warned her team about fellow supporter Harvey Weinstein.

But that wasn't the only time the Clinton campaign was warned of its cozy ties with Weinstein, according to the Times:Earlier, during the 2008 presidential race, Tina Brown, the magazine editor, said she cautioned a member of Mrs. Clinton's inner circle about him.

"I think it's a really bad idea for him to host fund-raisers and be involved because it's an open secret in Hollywood that he has a problem with sexual assault", the actress said she added.

A lawyer for Weinstein declined comment. So in March a year ago, Ms. Dunham, a vocal Clinton supporter, said she warned the campaign.

It should be noted that the Clinton campaign paid no price for ignoring the warnings of Dunham and Brown.

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"We were shocked when we learned what he'd done", Clinton's communications director, Nick Merrill, said in a statement.

Weinstein was a significant contributor to Democratic candidates and helped fundraise for Clinton.

The six plaintiffs provided details of Weinstein's alleged harassment and assault, before going on to cite what they say was essentially "racketeering" in order to cover up his misdeeds. "There is a wide canyon between mere allegation and truth, and we are confident that any sober calculation of the facts will prove no legal wrongdoing occurred. Nonetheless, to those offended by Mr. Weinstein's behaviour, he remains deeply apologetic".

The New York Times on Wednesday published a scathing piece outlining the "complicity machine" that allowed disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein to protect himself against accusations of sexual misconduct for decades.

Harvey and Bob Weinstein, along with several other board members of The Weinstein Company, are being targeted in a new class action lawsuit filed in NY on Wednesday. All described their experiences at the hands of Weinstein and his attempt to sexually harass and assault them.

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Weinstein has denied any instances of "non-consensual" sex and has denied that there were ever any "acts of retaliation".

The Times reported that at least eight C.A.A. agents were aware of Weinstein's pattern of harassment.

Meanwhile, Sandeep Rehal, who worked as Harvey Weinstein's personal assistant for two years, is set to file a sexual harassment lawsuit of her own against the embattled producer.

Weinstein, 65, was sacked from the film company he founded after The New York Times published accounts of several women. "We apologize to any person the agency let down for not meeting the high expectations we place on ourselves, as individuals and as a company". But his actual goal was to exchange sex for career opportunity, the Times reported.

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