Published: Fri, December 08, 2017
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EC to sue Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary over migrants

EC to sue Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary over migrants

The EU's executive commission sought reasons why but was given no satisfactory explanations.

Earlier on Thursday European Commission (EC) filed charges to the Court of Justice of EU against Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary in connection with their failure to comply with the plan, which ordains the EU members to admit fixed refugee quotas.

The Luxembourg-based ECJ could impose heavy fines.

However, the Czech Republic has accepted only 12 of the 2,000 asylum-seekers it had been designated, while Hungary and Poland have received none.

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His stance is likely to provoke further anger among other European Union members who believe the three post-communist countries have failed to show sufficient solidarity with their peers and have threatened retribution, including siphoning away some of the funds the European Union contributes to their development.

"The European Commission has made a decision to refer the case to the European court of justice against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic for failure to fulfil their obligations under migration", - he said. As of last week, only around 32,000 refugees had been relocated in all.

The bloc, however, found the trio's response unsatisfactory, saying that "the three countries have given no indication that they will contribute to the implementation of the relocation decision".

Poland's Deputy Foreign Minister Konrad Szymanski also said his government was "ready to defend its position in the court".

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The temporary emergency relocation scheme was established in two Council Decisions in September 2015, in which Member States committed to relocate persons in need of worldwide protection from Italy and Greece.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban attempted to pass a constitutional amendment in the National Assembly to block the quota, but failed.

The commission said the laws "indirectly discriminate and disproportionately restrict donations from overseas to civil society organisations".

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