Published: Fri, December 15, 2017
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Cast reflects on Carrie Fisher's and Leia's legacy

Cast reflects on Carrie Fisher's and Leia's legacy

Ford, who portrayed Han Solo in the movies, and Fisher's characters were love interests in the "Star Wars" films. "[It was] the privilege of watching how Rian has so beautifully captured all of that and her grace in this unbelievable, beautiful, pure performance, but also I think she found an equal irreverent subservience and they had this dance that gives us this performance that I was just so moved by". We can only wait and see how it comes to its final conclusion in 2019's Episode IX. I was defensive when people would criticize her and I'd get mad at her when she was self-indulgent, which was quite a lot. "So we have a really attractive, complete performance from her".

Caution: tears ahead. Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters this weekend, and the loss of star Carrie Fisher nearly a year ago will undoubtedly be on the minds and in the hearts of many fans as they flock to the theaters.

It's a monumental feat made all the more gut-wrenching by the death of Fisher on December 27 previous year. According to the 66-year-old, there was evident chemistry between him and Fisher while filming the first Star Wars movie, but he knew that it was a bad idea to get involved with a co-star. However, after earlier reports said that Lucasfilm meant to leave Episode IX as "her movie", fans could more or less guess that The Last Jedi would leave Carrie alive, especially after director Rian Johnson said that he didn't alter any of Carrie's scenes in the film. Apparently, she has one more secret that she brought to the grave.

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When combined with the company's nearby plant in Allen, Texas, Finisar's payroll in Northern Texas is expected to be $65 million. All of the VCSELs that Apple will purchase from Finisar will be made in the Texas plant.

"I truly remember thinking, 'She's different. Don't show them how anxious you are, '" Hamill recalled in an interview.

Meanwhile others found it hilarious, like one who said: 'Just spat my water out ha ha'.

Of course, Hamill and Fisher shared an on-screen kiss in "The Empire Strikes Back" as well, before their characters realized one film later that they were siblings. She was sort of like a little girl, I was protective of her.

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"Occasionally when I'm walking down the road and I'm very much not that, I'm like arrgh [screams], and you feel you have to be a certain way to fulfil some kind of expectation".

John Boyega, who plays Finn, agreed.

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