Published: Fri, December 15, 2017
Culture&Arts | By Hattie Nash

"Sheep" in Nativity scene steals Baby Jesus in cute Christmas play

A Christmas Nativity pageant in Jefferson County, Tennessee, turned into chaos when a 2-year-old "sheep" tried to steal the Baby Jesus and "Mary" tried to step in.

An adorable Nativity scene in an East Tennessee church took a hilarious turn when the little girl playing a sheep made a decision to play with baby Jesus.

The video was posted on Facebook and has been shared thousands of times. LOVE these kiddos and my church family!

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So as Jesus laid away in a manger, Teegan couldn't give him away to anyone. "Laughed so hard I cried!"

Midway through the song, young Teegan decided that she'd rather play with baby Jesus' likeness instead of congregating around his manger.

Tana spoke to "Today Parents" and admitted that her daughter loves to be in the spotlight.

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She and the sheep struggled for a brief moment, before Mary was able to get the doll back in the manger.

"Teegan loves being the center of attention, so the more people laughed, the more excited she was to show her stuff", her mom explained. "[Mary] is a stickler for the rules". "I'm really glad that a video like this can bring some light into the season", she said.

"Teegan loves babies and her love for baby Jesus was a lot stronger than she could handle", Benson said. She described Collia as very bright and a very good girl.

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