Published: Mon, December 18, 2017
Technology | By Russell Knight

Vivo will release a smartphone with a built-in screen dactyloscopus

Vivo will release a smartphone with a built-in screen dactyloscopus

Moorhead's comments come after the popular laptop touchpad maker Synaptics had said the in-fingerprint display tech was in mass production with a top 5 smartphone maker.

While Vivo's earlier prototype was based on its Xplay6 handset, we don't yet know what form the new phone will take. Considering the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the tech giant's partnership with Synaptics before, Samsung seems to be the prime candidate to receive them under the display fingerprint sensor. Vivo had previously partnered with Qualcomm to showcase an under-display fingerprint sensor meant for its future smartphones.

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The technology, named Clear ID works has an illuminated fingerprint image below the display on the screen, which can be used to unlock the phone. The ultimate advantage of opting for in-display sensors would be the let manufacturers bring more full-screen smartphones in the coming future, complete with the ease of a front-facing fingerprint sensor. Since the company is expected to begin its march into Kenya with budget and midrange phones, you'd be better off keeping your hopes on the lower end of the spectrum.

The Synaptics Clear ID fingerprint scanner will be able to work on any smartphone with OLED displays and it will only activate when it's needed. However, Forbes' Patrick Moorhead recently went hands-on with one of the company's test units, and reported the experience was "fast and simple". Whether your finger is dry, wet, hot, cold, etc., the under-display CMOS image sensor utilizes the display to light up your fingerprint, capture an image of it, then unlocks your device.

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Synaptics' system is twice as fast as Apple's Face ID, and two to three times less expensive, according to Moorhead. He also indirectly talked about the iPhone X, which relies on FaceID authentication. Vivo phones aren't commonly sold or well-known in the States, but OnePlus' devices are.

Not only have they figured out the technology, but they'll also be shipping it in a new smartphone that will launch next year.

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That said, Vivo's new sensors are likely to be operated by one-touch, high-resolution optical scanning through full glass and through the device's display.

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