Published: Sat, January 06, 2018
Technology | By Russell Knight

LG serves up helper robots for airports, hotels and shopping

LG serves up helper robots for airports, hotels and shopping

The Serving Robot is one of LG's most practical robots, according to the company, delivering meals and drinks to guests and customers in hotels and airport lounges "quickly and efficiently".

The three robots joining the newly dubbed "CLOi Family" of robots include a serving robot for hotels, a porter robot for airports, and a shopping cart robot for supermarkets.

Trump Praised for Iran Dissident Support
The reformists were crushed after the 2009 protests, which challenged the reelection of hard-line populist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Rouhani has tried to play down the unrest, which began over economic woes but quickly turned against the regime as a whole.

With the CLOi line (pronounced KLOH-ee), the three robots share a similar design with a squat, barrel body topped by a circular face-like interface display, and it is purely the programming that distinguishes one from another.

LG's airport guide robot, unveiled at CES previous year. The new robots are being developed with LG's new ThinQ AI in mind. Last year, the South Korean tech giant deployed information robots, as well as cleaning ones, at Incheon International Airport to test-run its robot know-how. It has a built-in sliding tray, so it can deliver food and refreshments around the clock. Once the delivery is confirmed, the Serving Robot makes its way back on its own. The Porter Robot can also handle express check-in and check-out service and take care of payment, allowing busy guests to check out and have their luggage delivered to a waiting auto in a fraction of the time. It will also help them locate items. The Shopping Cart Robot has many functions like an instant barcode reader when customers want to check the prices of certain products. It can further handle check-in and check-out service and even takes care of payment processes. It can guide shoppers to products that they select the related smartphone app. "We will continue to develop a wide range of products across commercial and home robots while seeking new opportunities to contribute to the advancement of the robotics industry".

Palestinians blast Trump's threat to withhold aid
Trump recently took Israel's side by formally declaring Jerusalem their capital . The Palestinians want east Jerusalem as the capital of a future state.

CLOi is the company's brand that aims at delivering 'both emotional interaction and innovative convenience to customers utilizing AI technology.' ThinQ, on the other hand, is LG's AI brand focusing on 'consumer electronics and home appliances'.

Kmart in Tucumcari considered unprofitable, set to close
Kmart shoppers gather around the Blue Light Special at a store in northeast Philadelphia on November 12, 2015. Another 39 Sears stores and 64 K-Marts are slated for closing this spring including a K-Mart in Red Oak, Iowa.

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