Published: Mon, January 08, 2018
Medicine | By Melba Vasquez

Jeff Sessions Fulfills Dream of Cracking Down on Legal Weed

Jeff Sessions Fulfills Dream of Cracking Down on Legal Weed

Justice Department officials said they would follow the law but would not preclude the possibility of medical-marijuana related prosecutions.

But the change will undoubtedly create some confusion and an uneven landscape, said John Walsh, the former USA attorney for Colorado appointed by Obama who left the office in 2016.

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is not happy with U.S. Attorney General Sessions' recent marijuana enforcement memo rescinding Obama administration guidance that enabled states to legalize marijuana without federal intervention.

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman said that state was blindsided by the announcement, according to CNN.

"I couldn't immunize people through the policy, but it did give them a level of comfort that was enough for them to say, if I behave, we're basically going to be OK", Cole said. "It's probably going to make people a little bit more cautious and it's going to cause some fights, but I think this is sort of the last fight that the prohibitionists may be putting up".

It was not immediately clear what practical effect the attorney general's decision would have in states that have legalized marijuana or on the increasingly sophisticated and lucrative legal pot industry.

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"Strong as we are on state's rights here in Texas", Williams said.

Seems like we've all just got to ask ourselves.what would Snoop Dogg do?

Gardner noted that during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump told a Colorado television reporter that he believed marijuana should be left up to the states.

"The cultivation, distribution and possession of marijuana has always been and remains a violation of federal law for all purposes", she later said in a statement. The only time he's ever acknowledged marijuana was in May 2017, when he note (in a statement) that a spending bill he helped pass included a provision that prevented the DOJ from prosecuting medical marijuana cases in places where it's legal.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: The US Justice Department on Thursday (Friday in Manila) reversed official policy that had tolerated the growing state-based movement to legalize marijuana sales, just three days after California formally permitted recreational use of the drug.

Legal experts do not expect a flood of new cases, and people familiar with the job of US attorney say prosecutors could decide against using already limited resources to seek criminal charges against cannabis companies that abide by state regulations or their customers.

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Sessions said the previous guidance "undermines the rule of law". Investment in the marijuana industry will probably dip.

The policy being rescinded is known as the Cole memorandum, and was enacted as a response to several states passing more lenient responses to non-violent marijuana crimes, and a few years later recreational use.

Marijuana revenue has been used in many ways throughout the state.

But at Green Dragon, Levine said the move won't cause any changes and they won't slow growth plans or scale back any operations. "Without that support, it's hard to see how the industry keeps growing", Sabet said.

The Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University, a regular critic of legal marijuana, issued a statement advocating a federal crackdown.

Retail pot dispensaries might be the symbols of legal marijuana, but they're hardly the only potential targets in Sessions's war on the plant.

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