Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
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Not everyone loves Oprah - for president, that is

Not everyone loves Oprah - for president, that is

Asked about all the presidential speculation suddenly swirling around Winfrey, the typically pugilistic Trump steered clear of nasty nicknames and colourful insults while sizing up such a potential celebrity showdown. Liberals want badly to believe they aren't complicit in the Trump phenomenon, but what else was Trump but an expression of the same skepticism toward the actual work of politics that's now fueling the liberal Oprah fantasy?

Donald Trump claims he could beat Oprah Winfrey in a presidential election.

'I want all the girls watching here now to know that a new day is on the horizon!' Winfrey said in her speech.

Winfrey's rousing speech at Sunday's Golden Globes Awards ceremony ignited speculation that the billionaire talk show queen is harboring Oval Office ambitions.

Watch Dutch Reporters Brutalize Trump Ambassador Over False Claims About Muslims
He studiously avoided answering the hard questions of Dutch journalists only to eventually lose control of the situation. At least one more journalist fired the question off.

Her longtime partner, Stedman Graham, told the Los Angeles Times that Winfrey would "absolutely" run for president. "I like Oprah. I don't think she's going to run".

He added: 'Oprah would be a lot of fun. "I don't." But some close to her were quoted Monday saying she is thinking about it.

However, King does not think she is actively considering it at this time, TIME reports.

In the months after the congressional elections, halfway through Trump's four-year term, Democratic presidential challengers are likely to begin announcing their candidacies to run against him. Because Oprah is the antithesis of Trump: A well-spoken, incredibly smart & confident black woman, who energizes people not with hatred & anger, but with hope & vision.

Logan Paul removed from top-tier ad platform as he faces backlash
YouTube said in a statement that it has removed Logan Paul's channels from Google Preferred , which presents top YouTube videos. Despite trying to make amends on more than one occasion, Logan Paul managed to become the comic book villain literally.

The 54-year-old singer took it one step further, captioning the meme that Winfrey knew about the various sexual misconduct allegations against Weinstein.

President Trump said that Ms Winfrey, who endorsed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton during each of their campaigns, wouldn't run adding that he'd defeat her anyway.

And the "Jaws" director doesn't think her lack of experience will hinder her in any way, as he notes that Trump also had little political background when he became president. I did one of her last shows. Winfrey has her own studio, a TV channel and a magazine.

Possible 2020 Democratic contender Sen. "I don't think she had any intention [of declaring]".

Coli outbreak in US: Likely source is leafy greens
No common supplier distributor, or retailer of leafy greens has been identified as a possible source of this outbreak. Because of these reporting delays, more time is needed before CDC can say the outbreak in the United Stated is over.

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