Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
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Trump asks why US should allow people in from 's***hole countries'

Trump asks why US should allow people in from 's***hole countries'

Richard Durbin talked about Haiti, Trump began to ask why we want people from Haiti and more Africans in the United States.

California Sen. Kamala Harris, a Democrat, said in a tweet, "Immigrants from countries across the globe - including and especially those from Haiti and all parts of Africa - have helped build this country". CNN has confirmed the comments were made during the meeting attended by seven lawmakers.

This week the Trump administration announced it was withdrawing TPS for more than 200,000 people from El Salvador.

He added that Trump will "always reject temporary, weak and risky stopgap measures that threaten the lives of hardworking Americans, and undercut immigrants who seek a better life in the United States through a legal pathway". Trump met Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg on the day before.

A USA judge has blocked the White House's attempt to end a programme that prevents the deportation of children brought illegally to the United States by parents.

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Democrats have repeatedly said that they would block any legislation that contains funding for the border wall with Mexico - a key campaign pledge of Mr Trump's.

In response to the reported "shithole countries" comments, the White House did not deny that the president used the phrase.

Those anonymous second-hand sources claimed that the offending statement came amid a discussion over a proposal to eliminate the diversity visa lottery program and use the 50,000 visas per year tied up in it to offer protection to "vulnerable populations" living in the United States under Temporary Protected Status.

Republican Carlos Curbelo of Florida said that "under no circumstances is it acceptable to degrade, denigrate or dehumanize" immigrants with temporary protection status.

A White House official said Sens.

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All of that context - that Hispanics, Muslims and black Americans are unsafe - is worth considering in light of the comments that have trickled out of the White House over the past few weeks.

The president's comments come days after the Trump administration announced that it would end temporary protection status (TPS) granted to almost 262,000 Salvadorans, forcing them to leave the United States or face deportation unless they're able to get a visa or permit to allow them to continue living in the country legally. And after his move to ban travel from certain majority-Muslim countries, it won't escape anyone that he's now playing up the idea that we need more immigrants from places like Norway (which is overwhelmingly white) rather than Haiti and Africa (which are overwhelmingly black). But those issues are commonly thought to only be achievable in a comprehensive immigration deal.

The six senators have been meeting for months to find a way to revive protections for young immigrants who arrived in the children and are here illegally. Because once we get DACA done if it's done properly with security and everything else, if it's done properly, we have taken a big chunk of comprehensive out of the negotiations.

Once the news went public of Donald Trump's comments, #Twitter went viral.

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