Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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California Rep. Darrell Issa to retire after the end of his term

California Rep. Darrell Issa to retire after the end of his term

He beat his Democratic opponent Doug Applegate by 1,600 votes in a district that swung heavily against Republicans in the presidential race.

In case there was any doubt, Trump is still the gold standard for the Republican Party of Georgia. Issa made a fortune from this business and he even provided the voice of the Viper auto alarms that would warn people they were standing too close the vehicle: "Protected by Viper". Many people in San Clemente beseeched Issa to take action against the potential construction of a toll road through the city and to fight for access to affordable healthcare.

Other Republicans who aren't running for re-election include Pennsylvania Rep. Bill Shuster, the chairman of the House Transportation Committee; Texas Rep. Joe Barton, the former chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce committee; Texas Rep. Jeb Hensarling, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and Virginia Rep.

Trump washes his hands of insurgency against GOP incumbents
California Rep. Darrell Issa to retire after the end of his term

The chamber will most likely spend more than the $29.1 million it expended on the 2016 election cycle, Donohue later told reporters. Hillary Clinton won Issa's district in 2016 by more than seven points, although Mitt Romney had beaten Barack Obama there by a similar margin in 2012.

And a move by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to free prosecutors to more aggressively enforce federal marijuana laws has prompted breaks from the president by prominent Republicans in states where marijuana is legal, such as Sen. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida and Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania. He asked, a nod to the other Republican lawmakers in districts that voted for Clinton.

"But keep in mind, the filing deadlines have not passed in those states", Wasserman said. The jockeying began immediately, with Supervisors Nelson and Michelle Steel among the more notables rumored to be mulling a run.

Supreme Court debates deletion of names off Ohio's voter rolls
The Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesdayin the disputed practice, which generally pits Democrats against Republicans . The justice said the case might come down to an "empirical question" about exactly what happens when the notices are mailed.

In California, at the forefront of the Democratic resistance to President Donald Trump, the party has also seen an energized activist base fueled in part by the emergence of new organizations such as Indivisible.

Without Mr. Issa on the ballot, Democrats boasted on Wednesday that they were well positioned to turn the seat blue.

Young Kim, who unseated Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva in 2014 only to have Quirk-Silva take the seat back in 2016, was Royce's choice, campaign consultant Dave Gilliard said.

Over-excited fan humps Celine Dion on stage
Dion's Asian leg of her Céline Dion Live 2018 tour also includes Macau , Jakarta , Taipei, Tokyo , Bangkok and Manila . Dion managed to offer some kind words of support for the woman, saying: "2018 we're gonna make a change for your baby".

Demographic changes - especially the drift of college-age and female voters to the Democrats - have undone some of that geographical advantage, but Republicans remain cautiously optimistic that they can hang onto power.

Still, Democrats are highly motivated.

The Yancey-Simonds contest was one of two disputed Republican wins that allowed the GOP to hang onto control despite losing a stunning 15 seats in the fall.

Kenya open sales for NY flight
Kenya Airways chief executive Sebastian Mikosz (centre) speaks during the launch of non-stop flight between Nairobi and NY . This makes Kenya Airways the first airline to offer a non-stop flight between East Africa and the United States of America.

"This week, we got our first wins with Darell Issa and Ed Royce stepping down rather than face crushing defeat in November", Steyer said in a statement.

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