Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Technology | By Russell Knight

LG Display Announces the World's First 88-inch 8K OLED TV

LG Display Announces the World's First 88-inch 8K OLED TV

We're not sure how much LG's new 88-inch 8K OLED display will cost, but we can expect it will be expensive for most consumers.

Any company that uses the technology can decide how to best hide the display when its off. You can roll the screen up and tuck when you want to watch the TV.

LG OLED displays for Super TV's are industry leading due to their capability to replicate natural colors at greater precision and colors.

CES 2018 has just started but companies have wasted no time in announcing their latest technology.

Erdogan: No one dares to establish new state in north Syria
Turkey-US relations strained over the latter's support for the PKK/PYD terror group's presence and arming of the group in the region.

In total year-on-year 55-inch OLED TV shipments rose 123% in November, while 65-inch shipments grew 157%, according to the research. Among the biggest announcements so far are enormous and rollable TVs.

With AI taking center stage, voice commands play a big role in these new TVs.

CES is the first platform of choice for companies around the globe to showcase their upcoming products and future technologies. The company has already invested huge to ensure a lead in OLED production for TVs and eventually for mobile panels to capture a market share dominated by Samsung. That panel was awful, but LG's new mobile OLEDs are improved while still falling short of Samsung's. The roll-up screen makes the TV particularly discreet - hidden away among the furniture when not in use, or only rolled out onto a wall when switched on.

While we're still a bit light on the details of any other picture processing improvements or whether the panel used in the AF8 even differs from that in the A1, we can say that the performance we saw on the stand looked very close indeed. Samsung is yet to make a mark in the particular segment.

Burmese army admits to killing Rohingya
The 10 bodies were found in December in a mass grave near a cemetery in Inn Din village. Then members of the security forces shot them dead, the military said.

LG's concept rollable TV has all the bells and whistles with an 65-inch diagonal bezel-free form factor and 8K resolution.

Crystal Sound OLED also in development to emanate sound from OLED panels.

It unveiled a new ThinQ lineup of AI-powered 4K OLED TVs, which support both Alexa and Google Assistant depending on the country, during its press conference at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Overwatch League: Twitch snaps up broadcast rights
It's not such a surprise the event attracted so many eyeballs, the Overwatch League has had a huge PR push over the last 24 hours. The deal was driven in part by scale, with both Twitch and Overwatch League bringing their own user base to the table.

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