Published: Mon, January 15, 2018
Economy | By Shawn Conner

Passenger plane skids off runway in Turkey's Trabzon Airport

Passenger plane skids off runway in Turkey's Trabzon Airport

The cause of the incident was not immediately known, the Governor said.

A passenger plane skid off a runway and barrelled downhill towards the sea on the edge of a cliff in Turkey.

Data from flight tracking website RadarBox suggests the aircraft struggled to reduce its speed upon landing, reporting the plane was travelling at a speed of 110 knots (204km/h) on the final third of the runway.

Astros officially acquire Gerrit Cole from Pirates
His career major league ERA of 4.52 is not eye-popping, but he was dominant in the minor leagues for the Astros across all levels. It was the highest ERA of his four-year career, and Cole went 19-8 with a 2.60 ERA en route to becoming an All-Star in 2015.

Dramatic images show the Boeing 737-800 perched precariously above the sea.

But on landing at Trabzon Airport just under 90 minutes later the plane left the runway. "There has been no loss of life or injury to anyone on-board", Pegasus said in a statement posted on their website, describing the event as a "runway excursion incident". "That is why we were scared", she said, adding that there were pregnant women and children on board. "Thank God for this".

Flight PC8622's wheels became stuck in icy mud as it landed at Trabzon Airport.

Chelsea Manning Has Filed To Run For The US Senate In Maryland
Race filings demonstrate that Manning, 30, presented her appointment to the Federal Election Commission on Thursday as a Democrat. Manning, whose name was formerly Bradley Manning, was convicted of 20 counts, including six violations of the Espionage Act.

"We thought there would be fire", Gordu said. "I feel like I'm going insane when I think about it".

"We swerved all of a sudden", Fatma Gordu, another passenger, told the privately owned Dogan news agency.

An investigation into the cause of the accident has been launched, reported the BBC.

South African protesters ransack H&M stores over 'racist' ad
Members of a left-wing, youth-oriented political movement stormed H&M stores around the country on January 13. The protesters dispersed at around 14:00, according to Brooklyn police spokesperson Captain Anton Breedt.

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