Published: Sat, January 20, 2018
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Trump ends first year with lowest approval of any modern president

Trump ends first year with lowest approval of any modern president

President Donald Trump's approval rating ticked up to 40%, his highest mark since last September but still the lowest for any elected president at the one-year mark since modern public opinion polling began, according to the latest CNN poll conducted by SSRS.

But what's notable about the poll is that the respondents are not government officials of other countries, neither are they registered or likely voters of their respective countries. The news won't tell you this and I'll be surprised if The Gazette prints it. "I have been doing this in a sustained way for nearly two years now, since before Trump was elected, trying to gauge how they see him and his policies". This makes it harder for European leaders to work with the United States because they simply can't afford to trust that we will abide by our commitments.

The survey is, of course, not the first to find America's standing in the world slipping around the world under Trump's leadership. It was based on a comment by GOP candidate Barry Goldwater that sometimes he thought the USA would be better off without the liberal East Coast. He also emphasized that governments evaluate governments in a manner that's vastly different from the way people evaluate governments.

But almost a year into his presidency, and as a potential government shutdown looms, hundreds of key posts in his administration remain vacant - raising questions about whether essential government operations have taken a hit due to the scaling back of what Trump has called a "bloated federal bureaucracy".

Potentially Hazardous Asteroid To Fly By Close To Earth Next Month
There are 17,495 so-called Near-Earth Objects close to the planet, including 17,389 asteroids , recent data showed. NASA has said that the Asteroid 2002 AJ 129 will pass quite close to Earth at a distance of 2,615,128 miles.

"People answering these polls are not, I imagine analyzing us the way governments do, they are consuming the global conversation about Trump".

White House officials and other Trump advisers say the president has succeeded during his first year in office in challenging the status quo in Washington, from pulling out of a sweeping Asia-Pacific trade pact that had support in both parties to declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel over the objections of national security advisers and overseas allies. In Asia, it dropped to 30 percent, matching the previous low during the Bush administration. Chief among those is the planned rollback of the Clean Power Plan, President Barack Obama's signature effort to limit planet-warming carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants.

If he was inviting disdain from those non-Americans, it seems to be working.

"The poll is comparable to the result of this: if the free candy store closes, children do not favor the candy store owner".

Emirates boosts A380 order book
Following delivery of its first A380 in July 2008, Emirates took its 100th A380 on the November 3, 2017 in Hamburg. The deal removes one thorn in Airbus's side as it struggles with a series of production problems and legal woes.

When you search "Donald Trump" in Urban Dictionary, the top definition is "America's worst president". So who freaking cares? "But by and large, the challenge has been Democrats in the United States Senate obstructing our nominees", Short said.

Trump's most glaring struggle to reshape the capital has come in his dealings with Congress, an institution that remains as polarized as it was the day he took office. The White House was forced to play a game of catch up, the source says, as the transition was about 250 jobs behind when Trump took office.

If they are going to condemn Trump for speaking the unvarnished truth about craphole countries, then maybe it's time to talk about how Democrats, by way of the Clintons they worship, helped Haiti remain one.

Morgan Stanley jumps after reporting better than expected fourth-quarter earnings (MS)
Also, Director Alistair Darling sold 3,850 shares of Morgan Stanley stock in a transaction that occurred on Friday, November 24th. Assets in accounts on which Morgan Stanley earns management fees hit $1.05 trillion, a record percentage of total client assets.

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