Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
Sports | By Ivan Ross

Bichon Frise Wins 'Best In Show': Westminster Dog Show 2018 Results

Bichon Frise Wins 'Best In Show': Westminster Dog Show 2018 Results

Flynn, a bichon frise, won best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club. "I came in expecting nothing except hoping for a good performance, and I think I got it".

After being picked late Tuesday night over almost 2,900 other dogs, Flynn was up early and on the go with handler Bill McFadden.

The victor was selected by Betty-Anne Stenmark of Woodside, Calif. Stenmark, a veteran judge, who has bred Saint Bernards, Salukis and Dandie Dinmont terriers.

"I knew he showed really good but so did all the others", Flynn's handler, Bill McFadden, said today on "Good Morning America" when asked whether he had an inkling Flynn would win.

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Flynn's competition included a regal Borzoi named Lucy, a Border Collie named Slick and the nation's top ranked dog, a Giant Schnauzer named Ty, who leaped onto his handler in glee when he was picked as runner up to Flynn. His handler, Katie Bernardin, gave Ty a kiss on the mouth before leading him around the ring.

Nearly 6, Flynn posted his 42nd career best in show victory in what is nearly certainly his last show before retiring.

A Bichon Frise, named Flynn, poses after winning Best In Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden, Feb. 13, 2018, in New York City. His full champion's name includes All I Care About Is Love - the lyrics sung by character Billy Flynn in the popular show "Chicago".

The next stop for Flynn, only the second bichon frise in history to win at Westminster, is retirement, McFadden said.

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Here are more fun facts about Flynn, according to McFadden.

More than 200 dog breeds and varieties were represented in the two-day event, joining the contest from all 50 US states and 16 other countries, including Canada, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Australia and China, the Westminster Kennel Club said in a statement. Among those who didn't quite make the cut: face-licking Spicy Nacho the miniature bull terrier who drew laughs, just not the judge's look. The day before, four dogs advanced to the final.

The fans seemed to like Flynn, too, only they hollered a lot more for several others.

"I've worked for a long time for this", Davis said.

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