Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
Research | By Derrick Holloway

Google will start blocking 'bad' ads in its Chrome browser

Google will start blocking 'bad' ads in its Chrome browser

By prioritizing pages that advertise in a beneficial way while using the Google Chrome ad blocker to improve the user experience on all other pages, the web browser should take another step ahead towards retaining its position as the most popular web browser worldwide. First leaked in April a year ago, the integrated feature will block ad types outlined by the Coalition of Better Ads. "To us, your experience on the Web is a higher priority than the money that these annoying ads may generate-even for us", said Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Vice President, Chrome clarifying Google's take on creating a balance between consumers, content producers, hosting providers, advertisers, Web designers, and other players on the Internet.

Google is enabling the ad blocker on February 15.

On desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS), pop-up ads, prestitial ads (ads that appear before webpages have loaded) with countdowns, auto-play video ads with sound, and large sticky ads (ads that remain while scrolling) will be removed starting tomorrow. "Chrome blocks ads on this site because this site tends to show intrusive ads", the browser will tell users (ironically, via a popup).

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I'll go over what is considered a "good" ad, according to Google, and how to make absolutely sure the ads on your webpages are in compliance with the new set of standards.

"It's like if we see one ad [that runs counter to its upcoming policies] that you're going to lose all your inventory", she assures publishers. Pubs with a failing status are alerted and get a 30-day grace period to mend their ways before Chrome starts blocking ads. Scripts and images are then checked for patterns associated with ad placements if a site is flagged. Should a site receive a failing grade, Chrome will filter out adverts on that site, preventing pages from displaying them on that site. To that end, the company released tools that let site owners see whether their domain is passing or failing. Site owners can also request to have their site reviewed after they have remedied the non-compliant ad experiences.

Google in a Chromium blog post on Wednesday reiterated it would block ads that do not follow the Better Ads Standards guidelines, and also presented more details on how Chrome's ad filtering works.

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"By focusing on filtering out disruptive ad experiences, we can help keep the entire ecosystem of the web healthy, and give people a significantly better user experience than they have today", he added.

"When a Chrome user navigates to a page, Chrome's ad filter first checks if that page belongs to a site that fails the Better Ads Standards", Bentzel wrote.

"There's a misconception that Google will somehow carve out an exception for its own website or ad platforms, but that's not the case", said Ryan Schoen, a Chrome product manager.

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This will permanently kill any audio from autoplay videos or overly elaborate banner ads. Site owners can also see more detailed results, such as the specific violations of the Better Ads Standards that were found, via the Ad Experience Report in Google's Search Console.

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