Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Economy | By Shawn Conner

Amazon cutting several hundred headquarters jobs — Seattle Times

Amazon cutting several hundred headquarters jobs — Seattle Times

Amazon has confirmed the layoffs to the Seattle Times and several employees have reportedly already been notified of the job cuts.

The retail branches of the company will take the hit in favor of areas like Alexa, Amazon Web Services and digital entertainment.

While the size of the payroll cut is modest given Amazon's size, trimming jobs is an unusual move at what is now the second-biggest US -based employer. So as Amazon looks to grow elsewhere, it appears to be consolidating resources at its home base. It received 238 bids from municipalities for its second headquarters and is now in the evaluation process, trying to select the best location. It now has 4,000 positions open in Seattle and 12,000 globally, all of which are corporate jobs and not in its warehouses or fulfillment centers.

Amazon's headcount grew rapidly a year ago, up 66 percent from 2016.

Online Salon Website Gives Users Option For Ads or Mining
Mooching off unused CPU is a novel approach-one that could either have huge financial benefits or do damage to Salon's reputation. It asks readers to either disable the ad blocker or else "block ads by allowing Salon to use your unused computing power".

Amazon created over 130,000 new jobs worldwide a year ago.

The majority of the layoffs are said to be Seattle-centric, but sources told the Seattle Times that some global teams may bear the brunt as well. Insiders say rapid growth left some units over budget and overstaffed.

"People are in bad shape", he said.

Amazon maintains a global workforce of 566,000 among the largest in the world and is positioned to recruit tens of thousands more as the company looks to further expand. Last year, Amazon introduced a career coaching program, called Pivot, described as a tool to help lower performers make it through such programs.

Second judge blocks Trump administration from ending DACA
He delayed enforcement to give Congress until 5 March to enact a replacement plan for Daca recipients, known as "Dreamers". Trump was referring to a deadline he announced past year to end a program protecting young immigrants from deportation.

Previous consolidations at the company have led to lay-offs in some areas.

Amazon is reducing the number of its employees, a move described by the company as "part of our annual planning process".

Amazon stock is up after the company announced layoffs of hundreds of corporate employees. "We do not use our performance management process to achieve head-count goals".

Tonga: Cyclone Gita leaves trail of destruction
Spark and Vodafone offered free calling and texting to Tonga for customers desperate to communicate with their loved ones. The cyclone was still a category 4 but had potential to develop to category 5 as it continued to moved west.

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