Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Research | By Derrick Holloway

Apple's HomePod gets a teardown: Two key takeaways

Apple's HomePod gets a teardown: Two key takeaways

We may also see Apple launching the next gen Homepod speakers this year or next year. The same songs on Google Home Max play louder with more thumping bass, but it, along with the vocals, get crushed and distorted at louder volumes.

There were a variety of methods that were used to initiate the teardown of the HomePod but they were all improvised and not through in the attempts.

"HomePod is a premium speaker with much better music and sound quality than the Amazon and Google alternatives", Jim Martin, editor of Tech Advisor, a site that covers consumer technology, told ABC News.

iFixit did its usual job of acquiring the latest gadget from Apple and taking it apart while documenting the whole process. Add a second Sonos One though, and the stereo separation is clear, plus the mid-range and high frequencies are more nuanced to me. Reviewers gave the HomePod audio a "Very Good" rating.

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"I've heard the Echo and, to be honest, it kind of sounded like music from a tin box", said Dalrymple. What this does is update all of your HomePod devices at the same time, in case you have multiple units.

Dalrymple claims the HomePod responded to his voice from at least 20 feet away. The device automatically configures itself for optimal sound when you first set it up. For those in the United Kingdom, buying a new speaker instead of getting it fixed makes slightly more sense.

Apple's HomePod has been well received by most critics so far, with audiophiles and regular people alike.

But it could do more. I've been testing the Siri-powered speaker for four days, and it certainly looks like a work of art in my apartment.

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Already engrossed in Apple's ecosystem.

One thing the tap controls won't let you do it mute the HomePod.

The biggest drawback of the HomePod is lack of native Spotify and Pandora support. This could prove costly for some, though, as the company revealed that repairs will cost $279 in the out-of-warranty period or for repairs not related to manufacturing defects. There's plenty of interesting design decisions that Apple made. It can't load the necessary Apple Music resources so it simply shows a blank white screen in the card, shown in the following screenshot. Apple built HomePod to blow competitors out of the water when it came to audio performance.

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