Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
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Inmate accused of drugging twin, swapping places to escape jail

Inmate accused of drugging twin, swapping places to escape jail

Director of the National Penitentiary Institute, Carlos Vasquez, reportedly said that when Delgado was captured he would be transferred to the high altitude prison Challapalca.

Alexander drugged his brother, swapped clothes and walked out of the jail in January 2017.

Herrera had been serving a 16-year sentence for child sexual abuse and robbery when his brother Giancarlo came to visit him in prison in January 2017.

Authorities were able to confirm that Alexander had left his brother in his place when they took Giancarlo's fingerprints. Giancarlo was initially put under arrest under suspicion that he had aided and abetted his brother, but was subsequently cleared of charges.

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Peruvian authorities finally caught up with Herrera on February 13, according to a statement from the Ministry of the Interior.

Authorities had offered a $6,000 reward for information that would lead to his capture.

But he was not charged and has now been released.

Herrera had swapped clothes, walking out freely through six internal doors and then the main gates of the prison, with no one spotting the fact that he had no visitor stamp.

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Delgado was the first inmate ever to escape the Ancon I prison, which was opened 12 years earlier.

Mr Delgado Herrera's life on the lamb ended on on Tuesday (local time) when authorities located him in the seaside district of Callao.

He will now likely be placed in a maximum security prison in the southern highlands, according to the BBC.

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