Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Global | By Shelia Dennis

Passenger climbs into x ray machine at Chinese train station

Passenger climbs into x ray machine at Chinese train station

After putting her luggage onto the conveyer belt, she refused to be separated from her handbag.

Snaps of the unidentified woman emerged after she stopped of at Dongguan Railway Station in China's southern Guangdong Province.

The commuter was anxious that her valuables could be stolen.

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The woman had willingly placed her suitcases for the security check but later when it was pointed out that her handbag would be treated no differently, her reluctance transpired.

With millions of people on the move across China for the new year, security arrangements can be unforgiving, especially if you are asked to part with your designer handbag for scanning.

The incident, captured in a video and shared on social media, showed her loading her luggage onto the scanner's conveyor belt.

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And while it is unclear what she was carrying in her handbag it is likely to have been wads of cash traditionally given as a gift for Chinese New Year. The incident baffled the security staff members at the Dongguan railway station.

The video shows woman's silhouette inside the machine and her climbing off the machine once the checking was done.

The images from X-ray machine show the woman as still wearing her high-heels as she knelt down next to her bag, as reported by the Daily Mail.

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They were told the radiation given off by the machine had the potential to be harmful to anyone silly enough to climb inside.

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