Published: Tue, February 20, 2018
Medicine | By Melba Vasquez

Recognizing early flu symptoms in kids is vital — CDC

Recognizing early flu symptoms in kids is vital — CDC

Because influenza viruses can change their genetic make-up rapidly during the course of a single year, seasonal influenza vaccines are unlike most other preventative vaccines, in that the strains contained in the vaccine constantly need to be adjusted based on the viruses that are expected to be in circulation.

The decrease in flu victims may be a result of the number of vaccinated residents in Lane County going up significantly from last season. Vaccines use a live strain of the virus harvested from eggs in a laboratory.

This season's flu vaccine was only about 36 percent effective overall and only 25 percent effective against the predominant and deadly H3N2 strain.

However, the CDC would not take the step in declaring that the season has officially plateaued.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said these new vaccines have been specifically designed for those over 65, as their immune systems respond less effectively to the generic vaccines.

But the findings of the new study suggest that the eggs may not be at fault at all.

College locked down after reports of shots fired
Highline College cancelled classes for the rest of today as a precaution, although no evidence of a shooter or shooting was found. Another official said that students' may have heard sounds like gunshots and that they are unsure yet of what those sounds were.

So far, Sanofi has made about $617 million in profits since flu season began, and GSK's vaccine business grew by about 76 percent.

Health officials warn that you can still fall ill with another strain of the virus even if you have already been infected with the flu this season. These antibodies target unique sites on the virus, and latch onto them to disable it.

This year's virus has proved to be resilient and troublesome for doctors to handle.

Have you, or someone you know, gotten sick with the flu?

People should remain vigilant, however, because "we're still very much in the middle of it", said Dr. James Watt, Chief of Communicable Disease Control at the California Department of Public Health.

There are many different types of flu circulating around the world, but four main types are being seen, or are set to emerge, in America this winter.

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Barcelona face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday night before the return leg at the Nou Camp in the middle of March. Eibar , who have had an impressive season, were expected to give Barcelona a test but it didn't quite pan out that way.

As of late last week, there have been 99,791 reported influenza cases in the state.

'But people didn't distinguish between them and just saw cars'.

That's not to say egg adaptations don't always matter.

Still, Schuchat said levels of flu-related illness across the nation are reaching peaks observed during the H1N1 pandemic season in 2009, though this year's flu is not pandemic, CNN reported. During the same amount of time past year, Birkam only had one influenza diagnosis.

There is an alternative, however. Until now they have been more expensive, but the researchers hope continuing research will help shift the focus to these more effective vaccines. They are also more expensive. "If we can cut that down by a third-or if that's me and I can reduce my risk by a third-that's a good bet", he said.

The new vaccines were aimed at improving the response in elderly people in two ways. Estimates are it's only 10 to 30 percent effective on this year's H3N2 strain. Additional authors include Sigrid Gouma, Kaela Parkhouse, Benjamin S. Chambers and Scott E. Hensley from the University of Pennsylvania; Hildegund C. Ertl and Kenneth E. Schmader from Duke University; Rebecca A. Halpin, Xudong Lin, Timothy B. Stockwell, Suman R. Das and David E. Wentworth from the J. Craig Venter Institute; Emily Landon and Vera Tesic from the University of Chicago; Ilan Youngster from Tel Aviv University, Israel and Boston Children's Hospital; and Benjamin A. Pinsky from Stanford University.

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NBC aired 21 1/2 hours of prime-time programing for ratings purposes, CBS 22 hours, ABC 21 hours, 56 minutes and Fox 15 hours. Univision was the most-watched Spanish-language network for the 14th consecutive week, averaging 1.56 million viewers.

Signs to watch for in children are persistent high fevers that do not subside and fevers that abate only to flare up again after the child seems to be over the worst of the illness, experts say.

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