Published: Sat, March 03, 2018
Technology | By Russell Knight

Far Cry 5 live-action trailer details its villain, Father Joseph

Far Cry 5 live-action trailer details its villain, Father Joseph

Whether intentional or not, Far Cry 5 draws some clear parallels to the society it has embedded itself within, which makes its new short film that much more harrowing. However, they are cranking up the marketing for the latest installment in this AAA franchise.

At a recent preview event, I got the chance to browse through the Far Cry 5 customization menu to see some of the clothing options available for the characters. Taking place in the fictional Hope County, nestled within the deep wilderness of Montana, the central character will come into conflict with Eden's Gate, a powerful and growing cult led by the charismatic Joseph Seed. As the vloggers follow the leads of missing locals and other odd events, they come face-to-face with cult leader, Joseph Seed, and the rest of the fanatical doomsday cult.

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Kabul and Washington believe a negotiated settlement with the Taliban is the only way to end America's longest war. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack or abduction, but Raziq blamed Taliban fighters.

Normally, these kinds of promotions and gimmicks are simple throwaway films.

The short film, called Inside Eden's Gate, also features Kyle Gallner, who has appeared in American Sniper and CBGB.

Papa John's ending role as official NFL sponsor
BC-US-Pizza Hut-NFL, 1st Ld, 118Pizza Hut replaces Papa John's as NFL's pizza sponsorAP Photo NYBZ371, NYBZ372Eds: APNewsNow. Starrs said he hopes the deal will help the company expand into new markets and buoy its digital and delivery initiatives.

After spending some time playing the game at a Ubisoft press event in Livermore, CA-which included a crossbow range and tons of barbecue-we took some time to discuss what Far Cry 5 is setting out to do. In the meantime, you'll be able to watch Inside Eden's Gate this coming Monday on Amazon Prime Video.

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