Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
Research | By Derrick Holloway

2-Year-Old Boy Locks His Mom's Phone For 48 Years

2-Year-Old Boy Locks His Mom's Phone For 48 Years

However, despite their expertise in handling gadgets, kids do end up doing odd things to your phones, like change your ringtone, delete your pictures or even basic apps from the phone.

The toddler clearly was hacked off with his mother who had left him alone with her phone to apparently watch "educational videos" while she popped out for a bit. This incident occurred in Shanghai where a two-year-old boy locked his mum's iPhone by repeatedly entering the wrong passcode. However, when she returned home one day, she found that her phone had been disabled for 25 million minutes, which roughly equal to 47.5 years.

The system gives users five attempts to enter the correct passcode, but every subsequent attempt after this adds a time-based lock penalty that keeps increasing in length.

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One of the security features of Apple iPhones is its passcode. For the eighth, it's 15 minutes, and for the ninth, it's 60 minutes. It can happen on any iOS-based device as they are created to lock down for some time when someone enters an incorrect passcode multiple times.

This was probably what happened to the toddler.

The woman, who is only known by her family name of Lu, had two choices: to wait for 47 years or do a factory reset on her iPhone.

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Lu had tried to wait out the problem hoping it would fix itself, but this has not materialized after two months.

The technician, named as Wei Chunlong, also said there had been cases of phones locked for the equivalent of over 80 years by the same method, the SCMP reports. But it remained locked and would do so for decades. The mom jokingly said that she couldn't wait for the phone to unlock when she had grand kids and then to tell that their father was to be blamed for it. Unfortunately, the only way to remove the passcode is to "erase your device which deletes all of your data and settings", it says.

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