Published: Fri, March 09, 2018
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Should we go to year-round daylight saving time?

Should we go to year-round daylight saving time?

By the way, Daylight Saving Time will end and we will return to Standard Time on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018.

Florida wants to be the first state to enact daylight savings time year-round.

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An Upstate lawmaker's proposal for the state to consider dropping Daylight Saving Time passed the SC Senate and now heads to the House. IN was the latest state to start practicing daylight saving time in 2006.

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It isn't even officially spring yet, but the time has come to "spring forward".

Opponents say ending daylight saving time would get rid of what many enjoy the most about it - extra time in the evening when it's still light outside.

The twice-a-year tradition of changing time - springing forward and falling backward - is back again, despite some Texas lawmakers' efforts to end it.

The sponsors of the Florida legislation - State Senator Greg Steube and State Representatives Heather Fitzenhagen and Jeanette Nuñez, all Republicans - did not respond to requests for comment Wednesday afternoon.

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Given that hurdle, it is perhaps not surprising that while other states have discussed making daylight saving time the permanent law of their lands, none have managed to do it.

It reduces crime. During Daylight Saving Time, more people are out conducting their affairs during the daylight rather than at night, when more crime occurs. During the earlier days, the clocks moved ahead by an hour on the last Sunday of April and ended on the last Sunday of October.

U.S. Territories: Because of their location, a handful of U.S. territories have followed Hawaii's "we-already-have-plenty-of-sunshine" example and don't observe daylight saving time - Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, per Time.

We got back to standard time on November 5. By advocating for daylight saving time, he did not practice what he preached of "early to bed, early to rise".

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