Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
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Hearthstone Gets Spooky with The Witchwood, Its First Expansion of 2018

Hearthstone Gets Spooky with The Witchwood, Its First Expansion of 2018

If you're a Hearthstone player (and really, if you're not, what's wrong with you?) you'll know that the Year Of The Raven is nearly upon us. The first is Echo, which causes some cards to create replicas in your hand once played. There's also a tease for a Hagatha card, for those of you that have been waiting for a new Hero card.

Today, Blizzard announced the newest expansion for Hearthstone: The Witchwood.

Hearthstone Gets Spooky with The Witchwood, Its First Expansion of 2018
Hearthstone Gets Spooky with The Witchwood, Its First Expansion of 2018

Here's a preview of seven new cards coming to the expansion. Next month, those cunning and courageous enough to hunt down monsters and outwit witches can claim their bounty in the form of 135 hair-raising new cards, complete with some uncanny new gameplay mechanics.

There will be four new heroes, each with their own hero power. At the start of the game, Genn Greymane-a neutral Legendary minion with 6/5 and costing 6 mana-will grant even-cost decks by decreasing the player's Hero Power to 1-mana instead of the standard 2. The second new card type, Rush, allows minions to attack on the same turn like the existing ability Charge, but only other minions.

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Something spooky is stirring in the heart of The Witchwood, the next expansion for Blizzard's Hearthstone.

RUSH YOUR FOES - When played, minions with the new Rush keyword can attack other minions immediately, but can't attack the enemy Hero until the following turn. Cards that read "Echo" can be played multiple times in the same turn. Much like that adventure, Monster Hunt will have players defeating bosses and drafting decks as they go, though they'll have to wait two weeks after the set launches before this mode goes live.

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Ben Brode and company provide more details on the gameplay implications of the new cards in the Blair Witch-style video above, adding to a delightful collection of very odd Hearthstone trailers. This time, though, the bundle is a full 70 packs instead of the usual 50. Blizzard is also promoting the game by offering gamers three free packs and a random Class legendary card, both of which will be from the expansion, just by logging into the game after the expansion has been released.

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