Published: Thu, March 15, 2018
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Interesting fact about Randy Orton's Grand Slam win revealed

Interesting fact about Randy Orton's Grand Slam win revealed

As was seen tonight on Smackdown Live, Bobby Roode addressed his loss to Randy Orton at WWE Fastlane in which he lost his United States Championship.

While Orton has largely focused on being a world champion throughout his career, his win should provide a major boost to what has been a somewhat forgotten title in recent years.

The Apex Predator hit the Grand Slam at FastlaneWhat's the story? However, the "WWE Stats & Info" Twitter page has pointed out a unique statistic about Orton's Grand Slam win. The "Viper' became the tenth grand slam victor in the current format of WWE". Roode says this certainly was not the outcome he was looking for but he was in the ring with a 13-time world champion who has held every title in the company.

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The Fastlane victory officially made Orton a Grand Slam Champion-the ninth in history (depending on the criteria). The current Intercontinental champion has won the WWE, tag team and United States title making him a grand slam victor.

Allowing Orton to work with up-and-coming talent in a manner similar to what Cena did during his US title run may be the smartest route, especially since whoever beats him for the championship will get a major rub.

Orton is generally better as a heel than a face, but since he is so popular and Roode hasn't fully gained his footing in WWE, a turn may benefit the Glorious One a bit more.

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The Viper was then attacked by Jinder Mahal who felt like he was unfairly left out of the United States title picture. Roode says tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow, Orton will be the guy with the target on his back.

It now looks like the US Title bout will include all three men, heading towards WrestleMania. So The Viper winning the title has come like a breath of fresh air.

Edge first tryst with gold in WWE was the prestigious Intercontinental title.

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